Holographic Will Found Months After Aretha Franklin's Passing

Aretha Franklin’s passing during the summer of 2018 left her children in a state of despair, revealing that Franklin had no proper will or trust to distribute her wealth. It was estimated that her ownership in real estate is worth nearly $80 million and yet there was no preservation/ distribution plan in action. Her case was sent to a Probate court in Los Angeles where a judge was set to make the decision on how to distribute the wealth she worked her whole life for. Franklin left behind four sons, all of whom anxiously await the decision of a stranger to determine their financial future and their mother’s legacy.  

As the family anticipated the hearing, it was revealed in early May of 2019 that a holographic will was located on the premises of Franklin’s home. Under investigation of the found drafted will, it was stated Franklin wanted her son Kecalf to be the executor. However, it appears that he may be unfit to do so. After bringing in a handwriting expert, the court deemed the will in fact be the late Aretha Franklin’s. The Franklin family, despite having Kecalf stated as the executor has decided to name him and Franklin’s niece, Sabrina Owens co-executors. 

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