Heggstad petitions (CA PC § 850)

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Tresp Law, APC has extensive experience with "Heggstad" Petitions (Probate Code § 850), winning orders for a variety of real and personal property assets, including those overseas. We also have considerable experience and success opposing Heggstad Petitions. 

A "Heggstad" Petition (petition under California Probate Code § 850) enables you to get real or personal property into a California trust after the death of the Settlor. There are several important factors necessary to a successful Heggstad Petition, so contact us for a consultation today to discuss your particular case.

We have unique experience dealing with international assets, including navigating the requirements of the Hague Convention. With experienced international investigation and process service resources at our disposal, you can be assured that your Heggstad Petition for international assets will be handled in a timely, expert manner.

Heggstad Petitions can be used for virtually any asset, including:

  • Bank accounts

  • Investment accounts

  • Stock certificates

  • Bonds

  • Partnership interests

  • LLC interests

  • Timeshares

  • Real estate in any form


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